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Dress Code

No student shall dress in such a way that interferes with the learning process. Just as adults need to dress professionally for work, our students are expected to dress appropriately for the learning environment. Please follow the guidelines below as students dress for school:

  • Clothing must completely cover backs, cleavage, midriffs, and buttocks. 

  • Clothing that reveals undergarments, including sports bras, or overexposes the body is not allowed.

  • Shirts must cover the tops of the shoulders or have a sleeve. 

  • Certain headgear is prohibited and must be kept out of sight in the building. This includes, but is not limited to: caps, hats, hoods, and sunglasses.  *Exceptions for religious or medical reasons to be granted by the principal or her designee. 

  • Articles of clothing that have words or designs that suggest obscenity, drugs, alcohol, weapons, and/or gang behaviors are prohibited. 

  • Health regulations and safety factors require that shoes with a sole be worn at all times at school. Bedroom shoes/ slippers and shoes with wheels are prohibited

  • Students are not to bring blankets to school. 

  • Students may not have their full faces covered to prohibit identification. 

Dress code expectations are outlined during the first week of school and reminders are consistently communicated. If a student violates the dress code, they will be sent to the grade level office to call parents so they may provide the student with a change of clothes. On the third dress code violation, an administrative detention will be issued.